Michael was blessed to be raised by parents who pursued intimacy with Father God and desired their children to not only have professed beliefs, but a personal knowledge of The Lord Jesus as their savior. He was also privileged to grow up in a church which sought to glorify God as Jesus was magnified, welcomed The Holy Spirit, and treated members as family. Michael honors his spiritual heritage and recognizes its significant influence on his own spiritual passions and pursuits. Even though he did not take advantage of the opportunities his formative years provided, growing up in an environment characterized by valuing The presence of God, the work of The Holy Spirit, and the power of Christ Jesus to transform lives made profound impressions in him. After a persistent drawing of his heart by Father God and a radical encounter with The Holy Spirit, he realized what was meant to have one’s life in Christ Jesus.

Michael believes faith must be experiential and not merely confessional. He believes faith must be expressly lived. Since our lives reflect how we worship God, faith must define and animate us. We must become what we claim we believe. Jesus did not suffer and die to model mediocrity, nor did He resurrect from the dead to establish a passionless and lifeless church. Michael delights in people having radical and life-altering encounters with our risen Lord and considers participating in such experiences both an inexpressible honor and the church’s calling. There is no acceptable alternative to The Kingdom of Heaven for culture.

Michael and his wife Adie have three children, Charlotte, Sophie, and Robert.