Joe Ateca was born in Orlando, Florida, and moved to Nashville during his middle school years.  He attended a Catholic Church as a child and received Christ at the age of 12, but never really grasped the grace of God.  After attending Austin Peay University, Joe proceeded to go on a “World Tour” in search of finding himself.  Through various choices and relationships, Joe eventually lost everything and hit rock bottom finding himself in jail.  It was during this time in jail when he experienced a divine encounter with Jesus and was set free.  After his release, he met Pastor Mark Lancaster in 2013, and became a part of the original launch team of One Stone Nashville.

Joe serves as the Ministry Team Pastor and is on the board of directors at One Stone Nashville.  He is passionate about knowing God daily in deeper ways.  Joe loves to see people’s lives set free and transformed by the truth of the gospel.

Joe is also a local contractor in Nashville, as well as a steward of a non-profit organization providing international disaster relief.  This organization helps to restore and strengthen other non-profit organizations and churches with their construction needs.